"*Shadows" by Desireé D. Winkler

May 27, 2014  •  2 Comments

"*Shadows" by Desireé D. Winkler

I would like to thank +William Burnett for giving me this opportunity to display my work, for taking time to graciously give pointers, guidance and encouragement.

Shadow - a constant companion. ©Desireé D. Winkler 2014

My shadow interest came about during a photo challenge. I was doggedly trying to get this picture to turn out right and I just wasn't feeling it, so stopped for the night. The next morning, I was stopped in my tracks, for there, shadowed on my kitchen wall, was my "window of opportunity." I called for my boys and my interest was hooked.

What's unique about what I see in shadows is, they are everywhere! I can bring a shadow to life so they can tell a story of its own.
Many times, I'll just photograph a shadow (boy with ball shadow photo "Let's play Ball!") but depending on the angle or fun-ness I see in my mind, I'll also bring an object in, which not only adds more depth but added interest. (Boy with ball and real ball photo)(I don't have a title for this one yet)
I've taken pictures as close as 6 inches up to 4 feet away. Just keep in mind, "do I want less or more contrast to work with in editing, do I want to leave or crop out objects?" While several of my photos are B&W, there have been times I want color. I have no rhyme or reason, I just see a photo and think- this one needs to have color for contrast-this other photo can be more poignant just B&W.

Now, I understand lighting is a Biggie for many so please don't be too disappointed when I tell you, most of my work comes from natural light or the use of a room light, sometimes both. I just lower my EV so there's no glare from the wall to lighten the shadow.
Then, if I want a B&W photo, I start with Snapseed (my main go-to). Headed to "Tune Image" I'll start with contrast to darken my shadow, use a little of saturation (this depends on lighting & the picture itself, on how much play is needed) and then more shadow. Hardly ever do I use brightness and ambience because then my window lines are diminished.

If working on a photo for 30 minutes doesn't get me the result I'm looking for, then it means that the photo was poorly taken and I need to try again. Mainly it would be because my photo was too light or too dark to work with and darkening/lighting just makes it more blurry.
Why Shadows? It piqued my interest when my tween son, who is at an awkward age, hated to have his picture taken yet would jump at the chance to be a willing model in my shadows. So Shadows became a perfect way for us to interact, have a unique look yet still be a part of who he is. While I hope he can one day grow out of his shyness, it's thanks to him that I've found my passion.

My "window" will be used often because a window looks into a person's soul-there are SO many possibilities out there I have yet to explore!
So open your "window" wide and find your passion, find that "one thing" that shines a light into your soul. ("How do you View the World?" Photo)
Thank you all for your time and this opportunity to share a little from my soul.
Desireé D. Winkler

Photo for this essay and essay are ©Desireé D. Winkler 2014


Desiree' Winkler(non-registered)
Thank you Mike C. I am working on more "Shadows" pictures, but I'm not always around the "perfect time of day" so they've been a little harder to take. I am working on lighting and "made" shadows vrs natural light shadows.
Mike C.(non-registered)
Very well said and explained. Your passion for this style of photography has put a smile on my face Desiree :). I look forward to seeing what kind of shadows you come up with. So glad you found you niche in photography.
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